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Reports 2022

Please note that not every group receives direct cash aid from the Association.

Informal    50th exhibition   Official Council Visit    HSK orchestra    Business Studies students

September visit to HSK for 50th anniversary celebrations

An advanced party enjoying the hospitality of former head of the HSK Partnerschaft, Erhard Shaeffer, and his wife Johanna.

Party, party

Several private "pilgrimages" and visits to old friends were also enjoyed prior to the more formal procedings.

West Lothian Platz Grevenstein Carsten Freitag
Murdoch Kennedy in West Lothian Platz, Arnsberg ; two old men in Grevenstein ; Off to work - road Engineer and great friend of Linlithgow Reed Band, Carsten Freitag


50th anniversary exhibition

A special exhibition in the Sauerland Museum was created to display works of art from 1972 that were gifted to the then Kries Arnsberg by pupils from our schools in West Lothian. These works of art are paintings, jewellery and pottery items. The quality of some of the works is quite exceptional. If you or anyone you know created any of these paintings and jewellery, we would love to hear from you. [see Contacts]

Poster for 50th anniversary art exhibition

College students who designed the poster

The 50th anniversary exhibition poster was designed by students of the Berufskolleg am Eichholz, shown here with Sebastian Schuettler, Chairman of the German Partnerschaft Committee.

The opening was well attended,

Audience at art exhibition

A children's choir performed songs, complete with actions, in both German and English,

Children's choir

A welcome was given by the Head of the Sauerland Museum, Doctor Oliver Schmidt ,

Dr. Oliver Schmidt

The formal welcome speech was made by the Chairman of the German Partnerschaft Committee, Sebastian Schuettler,

Sebastian Schuettler

The formal opening speech was made by the current Landrat, Karl Schneider,

Karl Schneider

Also in the picture (left to right) Edgar Liddle, [former Treasurer (WL)], Rudie Bruschke, [former Secretary (HSK)], Murdoch Kennedy, [Committee member (WL)]

The Landrat in 1972 who signed the partnership declaration on behalf of what was then Kreis Arnsberg, Ferdi Tillmann, still going strong after 50 years, made a heart-felt speech about the strength and longevity of the partnership,

Ferdi Tillmann

In the background is Barbara Markus, stalwart of the German Partnerschaft Committee.

Gordon Connolly replied in German on behalf of the Scottish Twinning Committee.

Gordon Connolly

The group then split into 2, one to view the exhibition inside the newly-refurbished museum, the other to partake in the substantial buffet provided. [of course they swapped places later!!]

inside the exhibition.


Celebrating the 50 years of partnership also meant members of our West Lothian Twinning Association visited Arnsberg in September. And an Official Delegation paid a visit to Meschede to meet with the Council there. A full programme covered the two days and also the exchange of gifts between our two Councils.

WL offical delegation

The official delegation from West Lothian.
Left to right : Liz Liddell (Chairman, WL Twining Association), Denis Liddell, Alice Mitchell (Economic Development Manager, WLC), Provost Cathy Muldoon, Councillor Kirsteen Sullivan (Depute leader WLC), Sebastian Schuettler (Chairman, HSK Partnerschaft Committee), Councillor Carl John (West Lothian).

WL offical delegation

The two Provosts : Karl Schneider (Landrat, HSK), Cathy Muldoon (Provost, West Lothian).


October visit of HSK Youth Orchestra to St. Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow

inside St. Michael's.

Deputy head of the HSK Musikschule, Marcos Kopf, and the members of the HSK Youth Orchestra in St. Michael's Parish Church, Linlithgow, during rehearsals for the concert. [Apologies that the image is blurred.] They were joined by a substantial number of players from the Linlithgow String Orchestra.


After the concert, the German guests were taken for 'Pasta or Pizza' in Linlithgow courtesy of the West Lothian Twinning Association.
Wearing the red jacket in the front row is the hero of the whole trip - the bus driver from Meschede!


Business Studies students

During August 2022, two groups of Business Studies students, each under the leadership of their lecturer Neil Davie, made study visits to West Lothian.
Tours of the Schuh’s J4 distribution centre were arranged where the groups were given an excellent tour of the warehouse as well as a presentation on the background of the company. Schuh also kindly provided refreshments.
A great example of a local company starting small and doing really well.