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Reports 2017

Please note that not every group receives direct cash aid from the Association.

Scottish Storytelling in Hochsauerland.
Hochsauerlandkreis 16th - 19th November 2017

Participants :-
Mary Gibson - Retired English Teacher (WLC)
Mary Jane Ewins - Primary Teacher (WLC)
Rose Ewins - student St Margaret's Academy
Eloise Urquhart - student St Margaret's Academy

Itinerary :-
The group flew with Lufthansa from Edinburgh to Frankfurt on Thursday 16th November.
On Friday 17th November the group was taken to the Berufskolleg am Eichholz des Hochsauerlandkreis in Arnsberg arriving at the beginning of the school day. At the beginning of each of two classes Sebastian Shüttler explained the purpose of the visit including details of the twinning organisation. After this, the group member introduced themselves.

Mary Gibson spoke a little about the poets and themes chosen by the two girls after which they read their poems: "Strawberries" by Edwin Morgan, "Visiting Hour" by Norman Maccaig and "Originally" by Carol Ann Duffy. Mrs Gibson proceeded to read and comment on chapter one of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie." On completion of the readings, questions on the texts, or anything that was of interest to the German students in the context of our visit, were invited. Most questions pertained to the differences between the Scottish and German eduction systems.

Between lessons one and two the group members were treated to coffee in a staff room where they were warmly welcomed. At this point Mrs Ewins was taken to the Grundschulverbund Regenbogenschule in Arnsberg where she was also warmly welcomed by the staff and children. She took part in a range of reading activities including reading the classic children's English class reader "The Wind in the Willows" to one class before being photographed as part of the whole school group. The group were thanked sincerely by the Head Teacher of the Berufskolleg who commented on the success of the lessons.

The morning's activities concluded, the group was taken back to Gästhof 1820 for brunch and to be interviewed by a local reporter. An evening session, also organised by Sebastian Shüttler, was a public event held in the Sauerland Museum des Hochsauerlandkreises in a newly refurbished room. The events of the morning were repeated with the addition of a reading from part of an Ian Rankin "Rebus" novel, this at the request of some members of the twinning group who had been on a "Rebus" tour in Edinburgh.

On Saturday morning the group were taken to Dortmund and provided with train tickets for the return journey - a new experience for the two students which was much appreciated. In the late afternoon they were given a very interesting tour of the old town of Arnsberg during which both historical and contemporay events were related. Saturday evening was spent in the company of Sebastian Shüttler in the hotel restaurant. Train tickets were provided for the return journey to Franfurt on the morning of Sunday 19th November. The return flight to Edinburgh arrived in the early evening.

The group would like to express its gratitude to the HSK and the Twinning Association but in particular to Sebastian Shüttler for his excellent organisation of all activities and for his reassuring and entertaining company in the course of all of the weekend visits. It was a marvelous personal and cultural experience for all concerned.
Mary Gibson.

In a subsequent email, Sebastian Shüttler added :-

Hallo + Viele Grüße nach Schottland.
Thanks for your visit and for your engagement on Vorlesetag. Exemplary.
To see the reactions of the pupils (especially the youngsters) was very exciting for me.
You read to over 80 people in the Sauerland ! ! ! CU Sebastian

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