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Reports 2016

Please note that not every group receives direct cash aid from the Association.

Livingston Dolphins Report   

Linlithgow Reed Band formal Report    Linlithgow Reed Band - informal report

Celebrating Long Service to the Partnership

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A get-together of Twinning Association committee members and friends was held on 19th February 2016 to celebrate the long service and many achievements of Bert Gamble. A witty yet thought-provoking speech was delivered by the Association Secretary, Gordon Connelly and a presentation of a Spring planter was made to Bert and his ever-supportive wife, Ann, by Association Chairman, Liz Liddell. Provost Tom Kerr made a presentation on behalf of West Lothian Council and Bert duly replied to the previous speakers and the group of friends.
Bert recently resigned from the position of Vice-Chairman on the grounds of ill-health after many decades of service to the Association.

When the Reed Band went on Tour

During our Diamond Jubilee, Linlithgow Reed Band travelled to the Hochsauerland for 10 days in July to re-establish old links and make many new ones with the wonderful people of the area.

After a very early start and after two coach trips and a short flight we arrived at our home for the duration on the tour, to a wonderful homely welcome from our hosts Uli and Renate Dietzel. There is no greater sight than the St Andrews Cross flying high above the hotel and especially the van full of all our cases, uniform and most importantly our instruments.

The Band played through-out the area at three different schützenfests – a local festival in order to elect a new king of the village by competing to shoot down a wooden eagle. This cause a bit of amusement within the band as Carsten, one of our local friends, had told us about a faulty bird. The story might have got lost in translation but having to try and play Liberty Bell after was very difficult.

Over the three schüzenfests the band played in the parades, the halls and the tournament. The whole band embraced the wonderful atmosphere, the singing, the dancing and the fantastic welcome. It was amazing when two bands who can’t really communicate joined together to make one huge band that could play all the same music. It is true what they say music is a universal language.

I asked one of the younger players in the band, Jess, what she thought of the schüzenfest , she said it was an amazing experience, the whole band was up enjoying themselves and the locals definitely made us feel at home – it was a very interesting to participate in a different culture.

As well as playing in the local parades and performing in concerts, the band was able to do some shopping and sightseeing. We went on a boat trip to see the Möhne Dam - a historic place made famous by the Dambusters film. Paderborn was beautiful and singing the national anthem in the cathedral brought chills down the spine and a tear to the eye.

One of the best things personally was playing and then bonding in Fort Fun, an amusement park. Not often in life can you play “Shake it off” or “Thriller” as a band and the next minute be on the longest glider rider I have ever seen. This trip blended the band not just musically but it created lifelong friendships not just between the young people and the adults but with everyone.

The highlight of the trip for the band was watching Starlight Express in a theatre in Bochum which was especially built for the musical on roller skates. The show was amazing and though all in German it was completely immersive and has inspired Lex [the conductor – ed] to have us play the songs from the musical.

The trip to Hochsauerland was not only a trip to improve our playing and provide entertainment, it was a trip to create friendships and experiences, and in such a wonderful country this was not difficult - plus the weather and Veltins helped. We have all come away with a new outlook on the area we are twinned with, their culture and after the Marches it has to be my favourite band engagement. On behalf of the Reed band in our 60th Year we would like to thank the West Lothian TwinningAssociation for all their support in our tour and look forward to the next time we are able to go back.

Kirsty Adams - Tuba Player Linlithgow Reed Band

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