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Please note that not every group receives direct cash aid from the Association.

Groups visiting Hochsauerland:

January 2017 - Two pipers from West Lothian visiting HSK to participate in the 20th annual concert of the Meschede Wind Band.

July 2017 - Following their very successful family sailing exchange, the Linlithgow Sailing Club will return this summer to HSK.

Groups visiting West Lothian:

March 2017 - 2 members of staff of the Hochsauerland Music School visit West Lothian to attend Spring Concert series and to put in place plans for music groups coming to West Lothian.

May 2017 - the now well-established International Strings Project will involve some 40 German students and a reciprocal number of local stringed instrument players attending a rehearsal camp at West Linton.

July 2017 - the successful Youth Exchange scheme has been organised again this year and 20 pupils are expected to travel to Linlithgow.
- the HSK Music School guitar group of around 30 players will visit West Lothian.

August 2017 - a choir from the HSK Music School will visit West Lothian.

September 2017 - [provisional] the Arnsberg Folksong Group will participate in Linlithgow Folk Festival.
- some 20 members of the German Twinning Association made a private visit to West Lothian.