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Please note that not every group receives direct cash aid from the Association.

Groups visiting Hochsauerland:

January 2015 - Small delegation from West Lothian Instrumental Music Service visiting HSK Music School's annual concert in Meschede.

March 2015 - Delegation from West Lothian Education Services visiting Secondary schools in Arnsberg to explore placement opportunities within companies and businesses for senior school pupils from West Lothian.

May 2015 - Official West Lothian Council delegation to HSK involved 3 members of the Twinning Association committee.

June 2015 - 20 young guitar players visited HSK following the sucessful group visit here in August 2014.

August 2015 - Scottish evening in Arnsberg.

October 2015 - placements for around 10 senior students on one week's work placement.

November 2015 - West Lothian Library Services visit for a storytelling weekend in Arnsberg where Scottish participants could read passages from their favourite books.

Groups visiting West Lothian:

March 2015 - Hochsauerland Music School visit West Lothian to attend Spring Concert series and to put in place plans for music groups coming to West Lothian.

May 2015 - 40 string players to join 30 from West Lothian as part of a now ell-established reciprocal programme.

July 2015 - Sailing exchange . 25 members of HSK @ Low Port Centre, Linlithgow.

August 2015 - 48 members of the St. Peter and St.Paul Band from Eslohe to play various concerts in Scotland.
- Hochsauerland Twinning Committee visit to West Lothian.

October 2015 - small delegation of teachers to explore a European "Erasmus" funding application for senior pupil and college student exchanges.