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In August 1972, a twinning partnership agreement between the district of Arnsberg in Germany and the district of West Lothian was signed in the County Buildings, Linlithgow. After reorganisation in Germany in 1975 the area of Arnsberg joined with Brilon and Meschede to become the Hochsauerland.

The aim of the twinning association is to promote friendship and encourage educational and recreational exchanges, whether by individuals or groups of adults, young people and school children, sports teams, musical bands, orchestras, choirs etc..
Funding can be made available, normally on a per capita basis for young people under 21, but consideration will also be given to ex gratia payments for other groups. The actual figure is calculated annually depending on available resources and the number of applicants.
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Few people, in 1972, could have anticipated how the partnership would grow. Today we must have one of the strongest and certainly one of the longest twinning arrangements in Europe and we are delighted our long established link continues to flourish and be successful.

February visit of HSK students

Four students and their tutor from the Fachhochschule Suedwestfalen in Meschede visited West Lothian for a few days in February. As they are studying International Management and Tourism, the Twinning Association members facilitated a programme of talks and visits for them which will hopefully help towards their degrees. Of the ten students who applied for this study tour, the four pictured below were successful.

Traditional Scottish fair at Chairperson Liz' house

Traditional Scottish fair was enjoyed at Chairperson Liz' house. The Chairman of the HSK Twinning , Sebastian Schuettler (immediately right of Liz) accompanied the group for the first night. Also present were Liz' husband Denis (far left), the Liddell's dog and Councillor Chris Horne (back row, right)

At the 'HSK forest' in Beecraigs Country Park

A walking tour of Beecraigs was an opportunity to show the students the trees which were planted to commemorate 45 years of the Twinning partnership and the bench gifted by the HSK twinning association.
Councillor Carl John gave a brief and informative talk on West Lothian, whilst later in the day Treasurer Edgar Liddle gave them a talk on the history of the Union Canal and Linlithgow Union Canal Society, a popular local tourist attraction.

A 'pilgrimage' to the Civic Centre

A short deviation from the route to West Lothian College permitted a photostop at Hochsauerland Brae which leads down to the Civic Centre.

A visit to West Lothian College

A visit to West Lothian College.

A HSK flag presented by HSK college tutor Neil Davie (on right) to WL College
      host Colin Miller

A HSK flag presented by HSK college tutor Neil Davie (on right) to WL College host Colin Miller.

Celebrating 45 Years of Partnership

45 years of Twinning between West Lothian and Hochsauerland

In 2017 we celebrated our partnership by planting 45 trees at Beecraigs Country Park.
Seen here performing the "ceremonial" planting are (left to right) West Lothian Councillor Damian Timson; WLC Leader Lawrence Fitzpatrick; Twinning Association (Scotland) Chair Liz Liddell; Partnerschaft (Germany) Chairman Sebastian Schüttler; WLC Councillor Harry Cartmill.
[ the unintentional scene-stealer behind Harry is Jacqueline Altenwirth who is French and is married to Paul-Ernst who is German. Another fine example of international cooperation! ]

Further pictures of this event are available under the GALLERY tab 45th anniversary celebrations - 2017.

Celebrating 40 Years of Partnership

40 years of Twinning between West Lothian and Hochsauerland

In 2012 we celebrated our partnership with Hochsauerland by holding a special evening to commemorate 40 years of twinning. The guests for the evening included the Landrat from Hochsauerland, (Herr Dr. Karl Schneider) and the chairman of the Hochsauerland Twinning Association Erhard Schäffer. One of the original signatories to the twinning agreeement, Ferdi Tilmann, was delighted to return once more to West Lothian. The Provost of West Lothian Tom Kerr and the Leader of the Council John McGinty were also in attendance. Many of the guests attending the evening were the people who had made the twinning association successful over this long period. Many old friends were brought together to remember.