2012: Landrat Karl Schneider and Liz Liddell (Chairman of the West Lothian Twinning Association). The picture, drawn by Twinning Association committee member Marion John, was formally presented as a gift from Scotland in celebration of 40 years of happy and successful twinning.

2012: Twinning group at Hochsauerland Brae, Civic Centre, Livingston

2012:Ferdi Tilmann (original signatory to the twinning document), John McGinty (Leader of West Lothian Council) and Provost Tom Kerr.

2012: Ferdi Tilmann (original signatory to the twinning document) and ex-Councillor Bert Gamble.

2012: Erhardt Schäffer (Chairman of the Twinning Association, HSK) and Tom Kerr (Provost of West Lothian Council)

2012:General view of the celebrations held in Linlithgow Burgh Halls.